Lift and Shake

    Lift and Shake

    Clean, jerk, shake!

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      When our product scouts told us they'd found a culinary accessory featuring a barbell, we had visions of some cumbersome contraption designed for muscle-bound foodies. Thankfully Lift & Shake is more Saltzenpepper than Schwarzenegger because it's actually an extremely original little condiment dispenser.

      Lift & Shake Made from heavy cast metal with a tactile rubberized coating, this chic salt and pepper shaker will add a dash of modish charm to any tabletop scenario. And it's the perfect gift for gym-freaks who appreciate imaginative tableware. Depicting a highly stylised beefcake jerking (the correct phrase, we believe) a removable barbell above his head, Lift & Shake is unlike any other shaker you've seen.

      Lift & Shake Each end of Lift & Shake's sleek black barbell opens and closes with a quick twist, and the whole shebang rests on the outstretched hands of the bodybuilding figure when not in use. (And before any of you meatheads out there start arguing that bodybuilding and weightlifting are totally different, shouldn't you be working on your pecs, not surfing the net?).

      No, we haven't a clue what weightlifting's got to do with seasoning your grub. All we know is Lift & Shake is coveted by all who clap eyes on it. But that's hardly surprising because most novelty salt and pepper shakers are about as stylish as Geoff Capes' leotard. Not so Lift & Shake; it's exceptionally fashionable, satisfyingly robust and supremely practical.

      Lift & Shake

      Despite the stark simplicity of Lift & Shake, we guarantee guests will be unable to resist having a fiddle, even if they haven't got any food that needs spicing up. So summon up your strength and click Add to Cart. This really is a man for all seasons - well, salt and pepper at least.

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