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Lifeproof for iPhone
  • Lifeproof for iPhone

Lifeproof for iPhone

Pretty slim, for a hard case

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    Got an iPhone 5? You want this one.

    iPhone cases come in all shapes, colours, sizes and smells. But how much protection do they offer your Apple gadget? Generally you can either choose a slim and stylish one that protects your mobile from scuffs and scratches; or you can choose a chunky and cumbersome one that makes your iPhone virtually bombproof. Those are the rules. And for years iPhone cases (and users) have abided by them. But we’ve found a case that’s set to change all that.

    Three years in the making, with over $1.2 million spent on research and development, the Lifeproof for iPhone not only protects your mobile from drops, knocks, splashes and just about everything; it also enhances the functions of your iPhone. And all this while adding a mere 1.3mm to your precious Apple gadget.

    Double AR-coated optical glass (yes, that stuff) protects your camera lens for crystal clear photos. And the delicate touchscreen is covered by a tough, barely visible, clear film; providing just the same functionality as the bare touchscreen. In fact, the only difference with the Lifeproof fitted is that you can flick through your photos, update your Facebook status and play Angry Birds from the bottom of the swimming pool. Sounds fun!

    And speaking of sounds, the ingenious case will also convert the back of your iPhone into a miniature subwoofer, to add depth to your music and audio clips. Unless of course you’re underwater.

    Designed by the people behind black-box flight recorder technology and tested to military specifications, the Lifeproof for iPhone is perfect for anyone who has ever dropped, kicked, squashed, splashed, thrown or drowned their mobile; but can’t bear the idea of hiding Apple’s gorgeous design in a chunky case. So... that’s all of us then.

    Now you can strap your Lifeproof to your body and feel like a cyborg style extreme machine! This well-padded Arm Band will hold your phone securely while still allowing easy access to all buttons and features. The premium high impact materials mean that you get a lightweight accessory that will stand up to anything life can throw at you.

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