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Suck it and see

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  • Turn mucky swamp water into glorious Evian-like refreshment
  • Enjoy safe and clean drinking-water on the go
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Filters a bladder-busting 1000 litres of water!


Bear Grylls has shown us that out in the wild you can wring out a large clump of juicy cow dung and enjoy a brief, bitter squirt of brown juice. This isn't hydration, this is showing off – and we're not impressed.

No longer is there a need to carry around a bulky water-purifying bottle, watching it tantalisingly drip through a filter, dreaming of even an egg cup's-worth of drinking water before sundown.

We present to you the LifeStraw - your very own portable instant water filter. Granted it's up to you to track down a water source, but once you've found one (whether that be a stagnating lake or a muddy puddle), just sip through the straw and bask in the knowledge that you're tasting safe drinking-water.

This powerful purification pipe removes 99.9999% of water-borne bacteria as well as a whole host of other parasites and nasties so you can enjoy safe sipping away from home. (No one actually knows what that 0.0001% is but it's probably good for you anyway*)

Scared? Don't be. It's been rigorously lab tested, and there is a bounty of Youtube footage featuring people enjoying hearty sips of cool toilet-water refreshment.

Unlike a lot of filters which regularly need replacing, the LifeStraw filters at least 1000 litres of contaminated water, so even if your a stickler for guzzling 8 cups of water each day you're looking at a handsome three years of usage!

Whether you're an intrepid explorer trekking round the world, camping in the Alps or just going for a pleasant forest stroll - it's the perfect travel companion. So pop one in your pocket and get close to nature, really close.

*perhaps not.

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