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LiVE Music MP3 Player

    LiVE Music MP3 Player

    Is it Live... or is it MP3?

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      Let's get straight to the point: we think the LiVE Music MP3 Player is the best value multi-function MP3 Player currently available. A bold statement, perhaps, but consider the LiVE's five functions (and try saying that five times in a row) and we think you'll agree:
      • MP3/WMA Player (128MB)
      • FM Tuner (with Direct FM Recording)
      • Plug & Play USB Flash Drive
      • Voice Recording
      • Text-to-Speech
      ...and not forgetting the most important part - it sounds great.

      MP3 & WMA Playback
      While MP3 has been the ground-breaking digital music format of choice over the last few years, new (and potentially better) formats are springing up at an alarming rate - such as Microsoft's WMA format, which provides better compression with the same sound quality, effectively allowing you to cram more tunes into the same space.

      You can fit a good 35 songs on its ample 128MB of onboard memory using the MP3 format, but use WMA at half the bit-rate and you can slot twice as many tunes on it, without a noticeable loss in quality.

      Playback Features
      The LiVE suports "ID3" tagging - which means that songs with embedded ID3 data will display information such as Title and Artist info on the built-in LCD screen - handy when scanning through tracks. The LiVE also features an onboard equalizer allowing you to choose from five settings during playback (Rock / Classic / Pop / Jazz / Normal) and all the usual Repeat/Random play functions are also included.

      FM Tuner & Direct FM Recording
      If you're bored with the tunes stored on your LiVE you can simply switch on the FM Tuner and scan the airwaves for fresh material. The LiVE allows you to store up to 15 frequencies as pre-sets - so you can jump easily from one station to the next.

      The LiVE also supports direct recording from any station - so if you catch a track you like, you can record it onto the unit, ready to be downloaded onto your PC when you get home!

      LiVE MP3 Player carrying case USB Flash Drive
      Since we know you're the sort of person who needs information at their fingertips while on the move, we made sure the LiVE could function as a 128MB external storage device as well, so not only can you listen to all your favourite tracks, but you can also carry around all manner of obscenely important Word documents, Excel files, and Powerpoint presentations into the bargain.

      Voice Recording
      As if that wasn't enough to get any digital music fan's juices flowing, the LiVE also manages to shoehorn a voice recorder into its already bulging chassis, so you can take it to gigs and bootleg live sets. Just don't tell them we sent you, ok? The 128MB of onboard memory should give you up to 8 hours of dictated notes and blackmail evidence.

      Upgradable Firmware
      LiVE owners won't be left behind when new formats come out as the unit features upgradeable firmware - which means you can keep up with new formats as soon as the manufacturer releases new updates via their website.

      According to the manufacturer, the bundled Text-to-Speech (TTS) software "enables the conversion of text information into speech output". Simply put, TTS allows you to type text (or paste it from a Word document or website), and then have your PC speak it back to you. While the concept of TTS is not a new one, the ability to then save the resulting speech as an MP3 file on your LiVE MP3 Player definitely is. Perfect for listening to the day's news or chapters from the latest John Grisham while on the move, or (more likely) sniggering at making your PC say rude words. Repeatedly.

      backlit display

      Back-lit LCD Display
      One of the most useful (yet spectacularly simple) features of the LiVE MP3 Player is its backlit LCD screen, showing you essential track information (such as Artist/Title/Duration as well as the extensive menu options) equally well in the dark as it does during the day.

      ...In conclusion, if this isn't the future of pocket-sized MP3 players, we'll eat our USB cables.

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