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Your data mate

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    Fits in your pocket

    Share and transmit the data with the pocket sized Leyio

    The brain is a wonderful thing. A tightly bound package of neurons, firing off little electrical signals to each other a trillion times a second. It’s where we store all our useful stuff, like how to make fire, how to sneeze, and why you shouldn’t put ice cubes in your pants. With all this useful info knocking about in there, we need a second electronic brain these days to cope with all the extra data we’re expected to share with everyone: music, photos, documents, all that stuff and that’s exactly where Leyio comes in.

    USB feature

    Neat USB port on the side that takes any standard USB memory stick

    Its curvaceous, hourglass shape contains a bulging memory that would put Paul McKenna to shame. Flexing 16GB of onboard flash, it’s roomy enough to accommodate thousands of pictures or songs or Powerpoint Presentations or... However, where Leyio departs from your traditional memory devices is in its ability to share. Using Ultra-Wideband radio technology, two Leyios can transfer files between each other at a startling rate of up to 10MB per second. Simply pair them up, select the file you wish to share and then transmit the data from one to the other, with a flick of the wrist.

    Leyio colour options

    Ice Grey



    The speedy transfers don’t end there either. If you’re trying to get files to people who don’t have a Leyio yet, there’s a neat USB port on the side that takes any standard USB memory stick. And if you’re stuck without a memory stick – well, you wont be stuck without one at all. Because Leyio has a 2GB USB ‘Shuttle’ built in to its casing – just load it up and pull it out and it’s ready to spill its contents into your desired computer.

    Leyio in packaging

    Leyio packaging

    Don’t be fooled into thinking Leyio is just the run of the mill storage device. This little baby packs a crystal clear 1.5” OLED screen that lets you view and control its contents with ease. It’s so smart, in fact, that you can lock your Leyio up and cease to worry about data thieves: it’s got a brilliant biometric thumbprint detector which means you will be the only person able to access the stored information. Just place your prints on the pad and Leyio will answer to you alone.

    Easy data transfers, fingerprint locking and immediately viewable information. Leyio’s not just your second brain – it’s probably better than your real one!

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