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Lexon Radio Walker

    Lexon Radio Walker

    Tiny pocket radio

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      For a radio roughly the size of a box of England's Glory, the reception on the Lexon Radio Walker is excellent. Sound quality is also better than expected, thanks to the provided headphones being both comfortable in your ears and acceptable in filling those ears with radio sounds. The headphones are fixed and can't be removed for replacement with your own cans, but that matters not.

      Small enough to be sneaked into places where the comfort blanket of FM Radio cushions the blow of boredom, silence or your colleagues proposing some project or other, yet durable enough for everyday use on the train or working out. The Radio Walker is the finest miniature radio of its kind. Nifty styling – Lexon pride themselves on design as well as performance – adds an extra touch of class.

      Okay, there's no presetting of channels, no dial to see where you are on the FM wavelength and only two volume settings. But whizzing through the channels with the Auto Tuning button is easy (the Reset button starts the search again at 88MHz) and most people know which radio stations are next to which other stations. If not, just listen for a couple of minutes; then you'll know what and whom youÂ’re listening to. Think of it as low-tech meeting high-end design, at a tiny size, and youÂ’ll get full value from this excellent little radio.

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