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Letter Pressed Cookie Cutters
  • Letter Pressed Cookie Cutters

Letter Pressed Cookie Cutters

Eat your words

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    Printing press style

    ‘A, B, C, D, E, F, G…’ hang on a second, that’s boring. If you want to encourage kids to learn the alphabet you’d be far better off getting them to eat their words. Or more specifically, scoffing their letters. It’s easy thanks to Letter Pressed Cookie Cutters.

    Crafted in durable plastic, these deluxe cutters stamp out the letters on your cookie dough. The classic ‘printing press’ styles look great plain or iced, so you can start creating headlines (rude ones, natch) whenever you bake.


    The alphabet with exclamation mark and ampersand

    LetterPressed Cookie Cutters
    As well as all 26 letters of the alphabet the good people at Fred have thrown in an exclamation mark and ampersand. This really is the perfect gift for kids learning to read and infantile adults eager to spell out stupid words via the medium of biscuits. CRUMBS!

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