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Let's Rock Elmo

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    Elmo knows which instrument he's playing and starts singing along

    It’s time to meet a Muppet. But not just any Muppet. It’s Let’s Rock Elmo and he’s the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppet-ational interactive fuzzy fella we’ve ever seen. More than that he’s a musical prodigy and the funniest tub-thumper we’ve seen since Animal hung up his sticks.

    Dressed in obligatory rock garb, Let’s Rock Elmo is the rockin’-ist plush toy in town because he comes with his very own microphone, tambourine and drum set. Better still, unlike most of today’s wannabes he can actually play. Just put him near whichever instrument you fancy and watch in awe as he recognises it and starts to play along, sing and ad-lib to six hilarious songs. Seeing is disbelieving!

    You can even jam with Elmo. Simply grab an instrument and knock yourself out. And there was us thinking the rest of Babyshambles were the only ones daft enough to play with a muppet!


    Let's Rock Elmo loves singing on his microphone, beating his drums and shaking his tambourine!

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