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Let's Get Physical

Fit, fun and fabulous

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Let's Get Physical
We made this! It's a Firebox Original!
  • Get fit the 80s way
  • Make exercise fun, fashionable and fabulous again
  • AKA, pull on the sparkly lycra and blast out some tunes
  • Packed full of 80s diet, exercise tips and more
  • Accompanied by vintage photos and caustic captions
Say what you like about the 80s, people looked f*cking cool when they exercised. Fitness fashion was at its peak.

Let's Get Physical is the antidote to the modern malaise surrounding health and fitness. Less 'clean eating', mindfulness and hot yoga – more sparkly skin-tight lycra and shaking what your mama gave yer to some top tunes.

Accompanied by vintage photos and sarcastic captions; this pocket-sized volume offers a distinctly 80s introduction to getting fit and fabulous – covering everything from diet and exercise trends, to top fashion tips and flaunting what you’ve got.

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