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L'espion Xtra Digital Camera

    L'espion Xtra Digital Camera

    The baby camera gets rugged

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      The World, his wife, their dog, and assorted rabbits, gerbils and guinea pigs have all had their paws all over the original L'espion. Perhaps it's something to do with the fact that it's small enough to slip onto a keyring, although what use would a bunch of keys be to a family pet? Answers on a postcard please?..

      Anyway, Digital Dream has seen fit to update its tried and trusted original with a new model, the L'espion Xtra, which boasts dimensions almost as waif-like as its sibling. Tired of getting sand kicked in its face by larger snappers, though, the Xtra's bulked out and now boasts a tough metal body, built to take all the accidental knocks you deem to bestow upon it.

      This is no mere cosmetic facelift, however, as the Xtra now sports higher resolution images and four times the memory of the original model. The Xtra's 8MB of internal memory can store a colossal 279 images in hi-res (800x600) trim, and a hulking 478 in 0.1-megapixel (300x400) mode.

      Also included in this uber-L'espion is a movie mode that allows you to record up to 27 seconds of Spielberg-shaming footage, so provided you're very quick, and the storyline isn't too complex, you can film your very own Hollywood blockbuster. Thanks to the fact the video mode is audio-free, you won't even have to worry about such trifles as a script. Alternatively, you can make nine feature length films for goldfish.

      Software-wise, you get the excellent Ulead PhotoExpress 4 and Eyestar Mail, which leads us neatly onto another function of the Xtra: enabling you to beam your mug across the globe to the delight of anyone who cares to look at it.

      If all that doesn't impress you, you're clearly as mad as a window. In which case we advise you to stare at your reflection in the mirror for four hours, gently intoning the word "shiny" and weeping barely audibly. After a few hours a big white transit van will turn up and whisk you off to your new, security conscious, "this is for your safety, not ours" home. Do take care to give us your credit card details first, so we can process your order, won't you?

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