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L'espion Mini

    L'espion Mini

    Tiny box of camera tricks

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      The original L'espion was a massive and well-deserved success, singlehandedly ushering in the era of the affordable digital camera. The makers realised that not everybody needed squillions of megapixels or wanted to pay the hefty pricetag for being a "bleeding edge early adopter". The L'espion appealed to the legions of amateur photographers and normal folk who just wanted to try out this digital photography lark and see what the fuss was about without rupturing their bank balance.

      Several bazillion sales later, the L'espion and its ilk have probably converted far more people to the digital way than all the hi-resolution, expensive, top-end cameras combined. As a result, the L'espion is still held in high regard here at Firebox towers, despite its somewhat humble tech specs.

      Imagine our girlish squeals of delight then, upon learning of the new L'espion Mini - even more of a stunning bargain than it's illustrious predecessor! The size of a Lilliputian matchbox, the Mini can take 20 pictures at 352 x 288, or a respectable 80 pictures at 176 x 144. It can also function as a webcam and can take video clips of up to 8 seconds length. Not bad for under 20 quid!

      Indeed, because of its low price, you might be tempted to use the Mini for purposes which might make owners of more costly cams cringe. Why not strap it to your crash helmet and film yourself plunging down a mountainside? Or attach it to one of those model rockets? You know we'd show the footage - and after that fame surely beckons!

      Of course, in order to make the Mini so very inexpensive, a few features found on the L'espion have been left off. It is not Mac compatible for instance, so Apple aficionados might want to consider another camera to complement their G5s. The Mini also uses a slightly less sophisticated chipset than its big brother (a 'cheap as chipset?'), although pictures are of approximately the same quality. Lastly, it is packaged in a 'blister pack' rather than a cardboard box, so box collecting enthusiasts, this might not be the camera for you. For everyone else, the Mini is a tiny camera but a huge bargain!

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