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L'espion Digital Camera

    L'espion Digital Camera

    Honey, I shrunk the camera!

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      'Size isn't everything, it's what you do with it that counts.' Rubbish, we hear you whimper. Well, just to prove it, may we present the decidedly diminutive L'espion Digital Camera. Tinier than Tom Thumb's telly, this sleek little gizmo is so small you'd be forgiven for mistaking it for a trendy car alarm blipper or even a hi-tech novelty matchbox.

      In fact, unless you're a clown, MC Hammer or a size 52 waist, describing L'espion (the spy) as 'pocket-sized' would be a gross injustice. It really is that small! What's more, it features a web cam and an ingenious short video clip function; perfect for capturing those priceless moments when friends reluctantly acknowledge defeat in that never-ending battle known as 'gadget one-upmanship.' And think of the fun you'll have asking pals 'Where the coal goes?' as you point at their prehistoric, digital brick-cams.

      With its similarly minuscule price tag this chic pipsqueak obviously isn't in the same league as some of the pixel-packing big boys, but who cares about techno bells and whistles when you can video a workmate getting up to mischief and hide the evidence in a matchbox. On a more practical note, you can store 20 photos in high quality mode (352x288 pixels), or an impressive 80 snaps in low-resolution mode (176x144). Actually, L'espion-ist, this all adds up to a highly desirable, incredibly affordable little wonder.

      Click here for L'espion Technical Support - including the tech support phone number, the latest Software Drivers, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and the latest software drivers. Mac OS X and Windows XP drivers now available!

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