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Lenco 3D Soundbar
  • Lenco 3D Soundbar

Lenco 3D Soundbar

Wraparound sound

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    simple controls

    5 buttons for all the controls

    As any audiophile will tell you, no home entertainment system is complete without a set of trouser-loosening surround sound speakers. But while they might sound the cat’s pyjamas and look the dog’s you-know-whats, getting the perfect position can be quite tricky – especially if your room is a bit short on space.

    Thanks to some astounding new technology from audio boffins Sonic Emotion, the Lenco Soundbar lets you enjoy a rich surround-sound experience from just one speaker. Drowning out any difficult questions, like “how on earth does that work?”, the Lenco’s six 10W speakers and single 20W subwoofer make a combined 80W of audio wallop. So you can happily listen to music, watch movies or completely immerse yourself in games without the usual trailing wires, wasted space and tricky setup process.


    6x speakers in the front and a subwoofer underneath create a 3D surround sound experience from just one unit

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