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Lekue Steam Case with Tray
  • Lekue Steam Case with Tray

Lekue Steam Case with Tray

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    Lekue Steamer open

    Open with tray inside

    Forget all of those plug-in gadgets and stackable pans, the rigid silicone Lekue Steam Case with Tray make steaming your meat, fish or veggies an absolute doddle.

    For anyone unfamiliar with steaming, it’s a great way to make sure that all the goodness stays locked into your food while you cook it – boiling can cause vitamins to be lost into the water, and frying can add all sorts of unnecessary fat to your meal. Steaming lets you cook without adding to – or taking anything away from – your healthy food.

    Lekue Steamer open

    A closed case!

    Serving 1-2 people, the Steam Case will fit easily into an oven and most microwaves. The food rests on a perforated tray inside the case, so any liquid produced is drained away. This is also a great way to infuse your food with subtle flavours. Just place fresh herbs (or garlic... or ginger...) underneath the perforated tray and let the steam carry their aromas through the food. Alternatively, whip out the perforated tray and you can cook food in its own juices, stock, or sauce. It’s the most versatile and easy to use steamer we’ve ever seen!

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