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    Lekue Decopen Cake Decorating

    Cake Decorating

    Preparing a meal that's fit for a king is one thing, but presenting it in a mouth-watering way is another matter entirely. How often have you cooked something that tastes amazing but looks like a tramp’s hat?

    The Lékué Decopen Decorating Tool can’t do the cooking for you, but it can certainly help when it comes to presenting it. Whether you’re serving a starter, main course, or dessert; just fill the silicone body with your choice of salad dressing, oil, gravy, or sauce and guide it onto your plate with all the finesse of a Michelin-starred chef. Heck, if you’re really proud of your dish you could even autograph the plate!

    Lekue Decopen Balsamic Reduction Lekue Decopen Soy Sauce Lekue Decopen Chocolate Sauce

    Balsamic Reduction

    Soy Sauce

    Chocolate Sauce

    With two different nozzle sizes the Lékué Decopen Decorating Tool is also great for icing cakes or slathering sauce over ice cream. The microwave and oven-safe silicone will even let you dispense warm sauces. Hot melted fudge? Now you’re talking!

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