Cool Mother's Day Gifts 2018
Legendary Crossbow

      Legendary Crossbow

      Apples not included

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        Yes, you could say that all the Crossbow does is fire the little darts. Which is a bit like saying that all Joe Cole does is play football or that the sum total of Michael Schumacher's efforts makes him 'a driver'.
        It's brilliant for using with the provided target (perfect for notice boards) and for firing across big rooms. The sucker darts also stick nicely to their targets - monitors, especially, seem to have a magnetic attraction for them.

        Robust and well made, the Crossbow can also be used to hone your reactions and sporting ability. If you have some Subbuteo balls, use those as the ammo and have a game of catch with them. It makes for a hell of a laugh as the ball shoots out at top speed, and if Mr Miyagi should ever ask you to catch a fly with his chopsticks, you'll be ready.

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