Legend of the King
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Legend of the King

Medieval mind mangler

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    Legend of the King is the third instalment in the Sacred Myths and Legends series of puzzles, a sequence of increasingly vexing mind-manglers that must be solved sequentially. Why? Because each one contains clues, hints and codes to help solve subsequent puzzles.

    We realise that looking for a hidden scroll in a medieval-style wooden tower sounds slightly geeky, especially when the tower in question is steeped in Arthurian gobbledegook. But trust us, once you've fiddled with Legend of the King for a few minutes you'll be unable to put it down. The scroll is in there somewhere - all you have to do is release it. Aargh!

    Release the hidden scroll

    Apparently this beautifully crafted puzzle can be solved without any hints at all, but its makers strongly advise you use the fragments and clues acquired from previous puzzles in the series. It's all very Da Vinci Code meets Indiana Jones. The difference is you won't have to avoid any self-flagellating monks or take on the entire Wehrmacht. Which is nice.

    What isn't nice, however, is the knuckle-gnawing difficulty level of Legend of the King. We've been attempting to release the pesky scroll for ages and all our pushing, pulling and tilting is getting us nowhere.

    Legend of the King


    It goes without saying that clever clogs puzzlers who solved Da Vinci's Secret and The Equation will be chomping at the bit to crack this third instalment, but we also think newcomers will be equally engrossed. So hurry up and get ordering - a place at the round table awaits.

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