Leather RFID Blocking Wallet
  • Leather RFID Blocking Wallet

Leather RFID Blocking Wallet

One in the eye for tech-savvy crooks

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    The Leather RFID Blocking Wallet

    Shields your important card data!

    We all know pickpockets are ‘orrible. Unfortunately 21st century scoundrels are rapidly abandoning this time-honoured form of theft for something far more sinister. Because thanks to portable RFID skimmers, tech-savvy rascals can read and copy the unique data on your credit cards in a flash – no nifty fingerwork or Dickensian urchins required. That’s why you need a Leather RFID Blocking Wallet.

    Available in black or brown, this stylish receptacle looks just like a traditional leather wallet – and it is. But thanks to an integrated mesh Faraday Cage (no idea but it sounds cool) it shields precious cards from portable RFID skimmers and demagnetisation (which can strip out valuable data). Complete card protection? Not half.

    Slotting cards into the Leather RFID Blocking Wallet
    It’s not just credit cards that carry bundles of highly nickable data. Thieves can target driving licenses, ID cards, entry cards and anything else with an RFID chip. ‘Nectar card? Ah yes, Mr Fiddler redeemed all your points last week.’ Aargh! Slide your official David Gest fan club membership card in this luxe wallet and no one need ever know you joined up pre I’m a Celeb.

    Ideal for anyone wishing to avoid becoming the next unwitting victim of cyber crime, the Leather RFID Blocking Wallet is the only wallet of its kind that blocks both low and high frequency skimming attacks. It even accommodates that old fashioned paper stuff called cash. Speaking of which, at less than twenty quid this nifty wallet is unlikely to break the bank. But failing to buy one pronto could. Ker-ching!

    Black version:
    The Black Leather RFID Blocking Wallet

    The Black version has a fold out ID section

    Brown version:
    The Brown Leather RFID Blocking Wallet

    The Brown version has a removable Flip-out section and an extra pouch on the outside

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