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Leaning Tower of Pasta

Acute little jar

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  • Every home should have a Little Italy
  • Leans at an authentic 3.99° angle
  • Holds a hearty 1kg of your spaghetti
  • Handy serving measurements within the cork stopper
  • Perfect for lean-guini and torte-lean-i
  • May eventually fall over or sink into your kitchen worktop
Tilting at an authentic 3.99° angle, this slanted piece of ceramic spaghetti storage can hold up to 1kg of the stuff and brings a Little Italy into your kitchen.

Ever had that sinking feeling you're about to boil five times more spaghetti than you and your dinner guests could ever possibly consume? Well, beneath its chunky cork lid lies a very handy set of serving measurements so you can consistently dish out appropriate portion sizes time after time.

If you have an inclination towards lop-sided architecture and stringy Sicilian specialities, you need the Leaning Tower of Pasta.

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