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Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler
  • Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler

Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler

Sweet as chocolate, light as air

Product not available at the moment.
Please Note:
The expiry date for Assorted (3 Flavours) is the 30th December 2011. Coffee best before date is 30th January 2012.


    Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler

    Alice enjoys a chocolate hit

    Here at Firebox HQ we spend all day inhaling the heady aroma of eyeballs frying in a heady stew of neon and static. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for exciting things to tantalise our taste buds. And thanks to Le Whif we think we’ve found the best yet.

    Le Whif is a lipstick-like inhaler that delivers a powdery hit of chocolate or coffee without the calories (well okay, one measly calorie per whiff). Simply place it between your lips, breathe in and savour the ‘phsssht’ moment as your tongue is showered with heavenly micro-particles.

    LeWhif Chocolate Inhaler

    LeWhif Chocolate Inhaler

    Small but awesome

    So how does it work, we hear you yell in choc-craving anticipation? Well, this highly Heston-esque cylinder utilises particle engineering to form chocolate and coffee in microscopic sizes, small enough to become airborne but too large to enter the lungs. Created by a professor of biomedical engineering at Harvard University, Le Whif represents the first commercial step towards breathable food.

    But you don’t care about all that scientific guff. You just want to pop this nifty inhaler in your bag or pocket so you can get a quick chocolate/coffee fix without all the chewing, slurping and tell-tale crumbs. Your tongue won’t know what’s hit it!

    LeWhif Chocolate Inhaler

    Pull Open

    Inhale Chocolate

    Click Closed

    Each Le Whif allows for eight to ten puffs and can be closed and re-used as desired. Who knows, it could even replace choccy bars and espresso as the accessory of choice amongst sweet-toothed fashionistas. Go on, take a breather.

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