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Lazy Lounger

Trapped Wind

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • This summer's most comfy and lazy outdoor accessory
  • Super easy to inflate – no pump or lung effort required
  • Simply swoosh it in to the air a couple of times to fill it with air
  • Folds down into a compact carry case
  • Weighs just 1.4kg!
  • Perfect for spontaneous laziness at festivals, parks etc.
  • Also functions as a pool float!


Enjoying the great outdoors in comfort has always been a bit of a mission – who wants to lug a fleet of fold-up chairs to the park or spend 10 minutes blowing up an inflatable mattress? No one, that's who.

Meet the Lazy Lounger, so named because even the laziest human can inflate it.

Remove it from the compact carry case; open up the bed, drag it into the wind a couple of times to fill it with air, then roll the end over and seal it with the built-in clips – easy. Deflating is similarly effortless, just release the clips and the air is quickly expelled so you can start packing the bed into the included carry case.

Made from waterproof and rip-resistant fabric, the Lazy Lounger is the perfect for spontaneous laziness at music festivals, beaches, campsites, parks and back gardens this summer. It can even be used as a pool float!

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