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Lavod MP3 Bike Speaker and Flashlight
  • Lavod MP3 Bike Speaker and Flashlight

Lavod MP3 Bike Speaker and Flashlight

Rockin’ in the saddle

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    Listening to music whilst cycling

    Get into the rhythm!

    Humming and singing your favourite songs whilst riding your bike is rubbish. Unless you are Mick Jagger, in which case you probably pootle around in a jet-powered zeppelin/casino and leave your Grifter at home. We digress. The point is cyclists need something that plays their music out loud as they pedal along the tarmac. Step forward the sleek Lavod Bike MP3 Speaker and Flashlight.

    The Lavod Bike Speaker and Flashlight attached to the handlebar

    speaker system

    This handlebar-mounted gizmo blasts out your favourite tunes so you can rock and roll without tangling with potentially dangerous headphones. What’s more it enables riders to hear tweetering birds alongside the melodious strains of Cannibal Corpse.

    The USB connector

    Charge and transfer music
    via USB

    As you’ve probably guessed, the Lavod Speaker is USB-friendly. Simply plug it in and drag your songs onto its 2GB onboard memory. Easy, and you won’t need to faff about with batteries because this beautifully engineered gadget is charged via your computer, its rechargeable battery delivering a whopping 8-10 hours of continuous playback. Perfect for epic outings.

    Diagram showing all the parts/functions

    Twisting to skip the music

    Twist to skip tracks

    The Lavod’s speaker is surprisingly loud, pumping out crisp, taxi driver annoying sonics. But how do you control it when you’re riding? Simple, just slide up the spring-loaded control tube and twist it to skip tracks, adjust volume or toggle through stations. It’s easier than dinging your bell.

    The LED flashlight

    LED flashlight modes: flashing/full beam/off

    You needn’t worry about sullying your bike’s good looks because this unobtrusive music machine is finished in smart anodised metal, and its ingenious 360 degree pivoting mount is made of clear plastic. Did we also mention that the whole thing is weatherproof? Well it is, so there. You even get an LED flashlight that fits on the non-speaker end. Forget the Darkness (we have), this powerful multi-mode add-on is brilliant. Literally.

    Showing the size of the Lavod MP3 Bike Speaker and Flashlight

    Cool, compact and weatherproof!

    Potential thieves will hate the Lavod because its quick release handlebar mount means you can whip it off when you park up. You can then plug it into your computer and, like your good friends at Firebox, stroke it in all its tubular glory as you gaze out the window at…erm, what’s left of your bike. Drat. In all this excitement we forgot to lock up our tandem.

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