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Laundry Rug

    Laundry Rug

    Slovenly students, slouches and slackers rejoice!

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      Wearing clothes can be a bothersome business. Putting them on and taking them off is bad enough, but washing them? Puh-lease! First you've got to pick them up off the floor, then put them in a laundry basket (that's assuming you've even got one), then take them out a few months later, bundle them into a bag and then carry them to the nearest washing machine / launderette / sink / mum's house.

      Laundry Rug: laid out

      The point being, wash day - and the run up to it - can be a severely laborious and time-consuming undertaking. Given that we STILL don't have the robot manservants we were promised as children, who has time for all this dirty laundry transporting malarkey? Certainly not hard-working and diligent university students, teenagers and young single men!

      Laundry Rug: box

      Thankfully, we think we've found the perfect solution. The stylish Laundry Rug is a rug (obviously), a bag and a laundry basket all in one. Simply chuck your clothes onto its chic, amusingly patterned surface and wait until the pile becomes insufferable or washday beckons – whichever comes first. Then simply grab the handles at the edges of the rug and give them a gentle tug. Your Laundry Rug magically transforms into a handy carry bag for transporting the whole lot to your nearest washing receptacle. Genius, and a must-have item for unkempt lazybones everywhere.

      Laundry Rug: as basket

      Stick a Laundry Rug by your bed and you can fall out of your clothes safe in the knowledge you won't have to waste time in the morning gathering them up and dropping socks all over the place as you hunt for that elusive wicker laundry basket. Laundry Rug is a perfect gift/hint for people whose homes resemble fly tips, and it even comes packaged in a washing machine style box. A clean winner for slovenly slouches everywhere.

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