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Lasso Wine Bottle Holder
  • Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

The spirits are with us...

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    Close up of the rope-like design

    Looks like a rope!

    Yes it's impractical; yes it only holds a single bottle of wine; and yes, it's liable to scare the pants off anyone who watches Most Haunted. But despite all this the Lasso Wine Bottle Holder is one of the most eye-catching vino accessories we've ever seen.

    Magic forces collude with this chromed iron holder (covered with the rope) to create a quite astounding illusion because your bottle appears to be floating in the loose noose’s vice-like grip. It's a bit like the famous Indian rope trick, only it's not famous. Or Indian. That said, you're welcome to stand in front of it swami-style, wiggling your fingers and mumbling strange incantations. Wearing a loincloth is completely optional.

    Boffins over at the Firebox research institute reckon some kind of optical illusion is at play, but we're convinced dark forces are at work somewhere within the coils of this miraculous holder. Whatever. The point is it's the best trick we've seen since David Copperfield dated Claudia Schiffer and it looks awesome in any scenario.

    In fact, once it's holding your bottle aloft, you could be mistaken for confusing this striking holder with a piece of modern art. We've told several visitors it represents the oppressed grape's struggle for emancipation. Or something like that.

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