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Laser Shootout
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Laser Shootout

Return of the space cowboy

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    As everybody knows, LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Well, everybody who's got a search engine at their disposal knows it. We doubt if the makers of Laser Shootout bothered with boring sciencey-stuff like that, because they've been busy creating an ultra-exciting laser tag system that makes similar shoot-to-thrill offerings seem about as hi-tech as a pair of bananas wrapped in tinfoil.

    Besides, dreary acronyms will be the last thing on your mind once you get to grips with Laser Shootout, as this spectacularly entertaining tag set is the finest LABS (Let's All Be Spacemen) system to hit the world of hi-tech laser-based warfare in ages.

    Short of cryogenically freezing yourself and setting your alarm to go off mid-way through World War 7, we can think of no better way to experience the cat-and-mouse thrill of firing a laser gun at your enemy.

    Unlike old-school laser tag systems, Laser Shootout is loaded with practical features, including built-in compasses to lead you to your prey, target locks that indicate when the enemy has you in his sights and light pointers to search out opponents in the dark.

    Best of all each player wears Borg-style headgear (Star Trek, not Bjorn - a red sweatband would look daft). These hi-tech headsets feature life point indicators, vision filters (alright, cool-looking shades), light pointers and, best of all, vibrating units that deliver a tingly shock when you're hit. The manufacturers claim this replicates the feeling of being lasered, but we're pretty sure a red-hot beam through the skull would be a tad more painful.

    But what about the weaponry? Well, the deluxe set on offer here includes two Laser Blasters that you 'reload' by sliding back the barrel.

    One thing we're sure you'll agree on is the fact that Laser Shootout is thrilling fun for space cadets of all ages. The nifty features introduce an element of strategy to proceedings and the headsets make you feel like you've just stepped out of one of those stealth videogames. The only thing you need to worry about is being caught making a complete universal soldier out of yourself!

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