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Laser Pegs Mini Monster Bug
  • Laser Pegs Mini Monster Bug

Laser Pegs Mini Monster Bug

Light-up construction kit

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    Laser Pegs Mini Monster Bug

    Create your own bug, or anything else you can imagine!

    Here’s one bug that won’t scatter when you switch on the lights. The Laser Pegs Mini Monster Bug is a build-it-yourself kit that actually lights up as you construct it. How? Well, each of the 32 peg-shaped components has a tiny LED inside. Connect your first piece to the power source and it’ll pass on a small charge to the next piece you connect. And so on. Build the complete Monster Bug model and the whole thing will glow from head to toe.

    But if you’re anything like us you’ll have abandoned the Monster Bug instructions half way through and built an electric afro-swan instead (or similar). Because the Monster Bug model is just the beginning! This bright and colourful construction kit just needs a couple of batteries and your own imagination.

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