Large Asado Grill Instant BBQ Stand
  • Large Asado Grill Instant BBQ Stand

Large Asado Grill Instant BBQ Stand

Instant BBQ banquet

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    Large Asado Grill on a table

    Doesn't damage the surface underneath

    Of all social rituals, the barbecue is the most important, and not just to the grizzling, hungry tums of your expectant guests, either. It’s the summery way to tell the world that you’re capable of handling man’s best friend, the dancing flame that lifts Homo sapiens above the primates. So why is it that peeps are content to cook over something so humble and flimsy as a throwaway tin tray? It’s hardly chest-beating stuff. It’s time to marry the convenience of the cheap instant barbies with the beauty-contest looks and long slim legs of the Large Asado Grill Instant BBQ Stand.

    Like mastery over fire and the consequent extinction of the mammoths after 10,000 years of primeval barbecue nights, the Asado is that cunning combination of simplicity and genius. You just slot a large instant barbecue in the top, place the Asado wherever you like, light it up and get grilling.

    Having a picnic with the Large Asado Grill

    Ideal for picnics in the park

    Because of those slender little legs that lift the Asado high up, you can place the BBQ anywhere you like without damaging the surface underneath – on grass, even on a tabletop. As the slavering faces of your guests bounce from the highly reflective metallic finish, you’ll know you’ve done a good thing for your fellow man.

    It’s based on a design of portable grill that South American gauchos would carry on their horses as they ranched cattle over the wide plains. They’d huddle together over an Asado each night, sizzling a juicy steak fresh from the herd as they went – then pack up and be off the next morning to repeat the process.

    Now you can relive the joys of cowboy cookouts and caveman cuisine with all the elegance that modern design can offer. You might as well chuck out your oven right now. And the toaster too. It’s grillin’ time.

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