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Languages For Love

    Languages For Love

    Je suis un cunning linguist!

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      Apparently, the language of love is international. But try telling that to someone who's just had a schnapps flung in their face for asking a foxy fräulein if she has "furchtbar durchfall" (awful diarrhoea). Indeed, we've all fallen for the old tell-the-idiot-a-comedy-phrase prank. But even if you do know a few foreign lines they're usually useless hangovers from ancient school lessons. And nobody wants to be asked where the orange coat hanger library in my foot is, do they?

      The point is, the person you're attempting to woo needs to understand (and, more importantly, be amused by) your pidgin blabbings. And when it comes to conversational ice-breakers/chat-up lines, one nation's viande is another one's veleno; French ooh-la-la can't compare mit ze German oompah-pah when you're talking to a Bavarian babe. Comprender?

      Languages For Love phrase cards

      That's why you need Languages For Love. This brilliant CD/phrase card set teaches you how to break the ice in 8 European languages, and the phrases you'll learn have been scientifically tested by experts. Well alright, we tried them out in the pub next to the local language school but every one of 'em raised a smile. Integrating with your continental neighbours has never been such fun!

      The CD contains 72 spot-on phrases that are sure to impress, and learning the quick-fire lines really is as simple as un, zwei, tres. That's because the CD transports you to a bar where the girls from each country take you through the lines, first in English, then in their mother tongue. Next it's your turn as each Eurobabe invites you to repeat the lines. Once you've run though the CD you can challenge your mates and hone your technique in the Languages For Love game.

      As well as nifty ice-breakers, the pocket-sized phrase cards also give handy pronunciation tips to help avoid any potentially embarrassing faux pas, and each card is emblazoned with the relevant national flag (handy, as "Ich liebe dich" can be disastrous in the wrong scenario). Languages For Love really is one of the most amusing travelling companions we've seen in ages, so get ordering tout de suite. Capisci mon petit pois? Thank you please!

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