Landscape Dinner Set
  • Landscape Dinner Set
  • Landscape Dinner Set
  • Landscape Dinner Set

Landscape Dinner Set

Your meal is on the house

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  • Enjoy you dinner with an idyllic forest view
  • House-shaped plate, tree-shaped utensils, sun-shaped cup
  • All made from super strong and easy-to-clean Melamine
  • Make using cutlery as fun as it can possibly get


People pay a lot of money for dinner with a nice view. Just ask that chap with the wobbly head from Grand Designs. But what about those who are relegated to the kiddy table? They usually end up tucked away in a dreary corner with wipe-clean walls. Well thankfully we’ve a way to give them a smashing view too.

The Landscape Dinner Set brings a colourful panorama right to the dinner table. This handy all-in-one melamine tray includes a plate, cup, dessert/dipping bowl and cutlery – all in the shape of a typical two-up two-down.

It’s a great way to teach young ones how to use utensils and make mealtime fun. Introducing an obscure vegetable? Serve it on this homely plate and they’ll be sure to hoover it up. Mmm… house sprouts.

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