Ladybird Book of the Mum

The Mother Load

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  • Charming original illustrations paired with satirical new captions
  • Written by comedy authors Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris
  • 56 pages of nostalgic motherly wisdom
  • Full of witty observations, human truths and classic mum-isms
A mum has two very important jobs to do. One is to look after her children. The other is to do everything else as well.

The ironic cover illustration featuring a mum relaxing on a beach whilst her impeccably-behaved child slumbers peacefully next to her should give you an inkling as to the tone of The Ladybird Book of the Mum.

Written by bestselling comedy authors Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, this is another sensational nugget of wisdom in the hugely popular 'Ladybirds for Grown Ups' series. Everything is as you'd remember it – the logo, the charming illustrations and vintage fonts... yet something's a little different. Each picture is accompanied by pointed observations, deep human truths and classic mum-isms.

This nostalgic book covers the full breadth of motherly quandaries including: dealing with babysitters, worrying that you're turning into your own mother, and reminding your child (now 46 years old) not to forget their scarf. The large clear script, the careful choice of words, the frequent repetition – your mum will love it.

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