Ladybird Book of The Dad

You can read him like a book

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  • Charming original illustrations paired with hilarious new captions
  • Writen by comedy authors Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris
  • 56 pages of nostalgic fatherly wisdom
  • Simplistic but helpful, just the way dad likes it
  • Not to be confused with the Ladybird Book of the Dead
Remember those wistful old publications the Ladybird books? They've been given a bit of a modern makeover, and this one's specifically for your Dad.

Written by bestselling comedy authors Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, the Ladybird Book of The Dad is a throwback to a halcyon era; a nostalgic glimpse of a happier, simpler, politically-incorrect time – without any newfangled distractions like Donald Trump or Snapchat.

Featuring all of the original Ladybird artwork alongside brand new captions full of absurd and satirical observations, it all feels wonderfully familiar – that massive Ladybird font, the charming repetition, the creepy smiles on Peter and Jane's cherubic little faces.

This year, give your Dad the priceless gift of nostalgia.

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8 Reviews

Average 4.5/5 stars
  • "Important pointers for a future dad."
    Keith - 19th of October, 2016
  • "Dad loved it. It's the only book I've ever seen him read. And one of the few times he's laughed without pain being inflicted on anyone."
    Michalea - 30th of June, 2016
  • "Silly but great."
    Kate - 23rd of June, 2016
  • "Brilliant!"
    Sarah - 23rd of June, 2016
  • "Made me chuckle."
    Danielle - 21st of June, 2016