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Ladobi Erotic Film Earphones
  • Ladobi Erotic Film Earphones
  • Ladobi Erotic Film Earphones
  • Ladobi Erotic Film Earphones

Ladobi Erotic Film Earphones

Coming in your ears

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  • Sound quality is as important as the complex plots and witty scripts
  • Enhances male and female voices to sound more pleasing
  • 360° surround sound – feel like you're in the scene
  • Cushioned design, no ear pressure – you can wear them all night!
  • Also perfect for raunchy long-distance Skype calls
  • Stop subjecting yourself to tragic muted erotica!


"Adult Entertainment" has come a very long way. From discarded smutty magazines traded like precious contraband, to the vibrant online landscape of streaming masterpieces available today. Behold, the next logical step in this rapid evolution – Ladobi Erotic Film Earphones.

No more late nights in bed, illuminated by the sordid glow of your laptop, staring at lousy muted erotica. These beautifully-designed earphones turn this misunderstood scenario into your own glorious home theatre, with 360° surround sound to put you right at the heart of the action. After all, sound quality is easily as important as the gripping plot lines (pun not intended) and witty scripts.

Extensive testing (where the hell was our invite?) has resulted in an advanced pair of earphones that enhances female voices so that they sound more pleasing and less sharp, while male voices sound fuller and rounder – you've never felt this close to your favourite actors and actresses.

With their comfortable cushioned design, there's no pressure on your ears so you can set aside a "classic" movie and wear them all night!

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