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Labyrinth 4D
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Labyrinth 4D


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    Here at Firebox we sit through loads of Dragons' Den-style presentations conducted by puzzle inventors eager to sell their wares on our wonderfully orangey site. Sadly most of 'em are cut short with a Doug Bannatyne-esque "Am oot!" as their brainteasers simply don't possess that all-important aargh!-factor.

    Labyrinth 4D
    But once in a while we spot a bit of genius; a puzzle that's infuriating and entertaining in equal measure. Step forward Labyrinth 4D. This utterly exasperating wooden block will have you hooked the second you start fiddling
    with it.

    Labyrinth 4D

    Guide the metal ring around the hollow cube.

    The idea is to unravel a metal ring from the hollow cube by guiding it around the various perforations in the wood. And if you think that sounds easy, think again. Because like most of the greatest puzzles, Labyrinth 4D is deceptively difficult. Just when you think you're on the right track you reach a dead end and have to start over. Of course you could always crack out the hacksaw but that would defeat the whole object of the exercise... the exercise being to tax your grey matter to the max. Grrrrr.

    Labyrinth 4D
    Labyrinth 4D is a great hour-cruncher on long journeys; onlookers will wonder what on earth you're doing fiddling with a gloriously tactile wooden cube with holes in it. And when you tell them you're trying to free a ring from the cube's convoluted clutches, we guarantee they'll want to help as this tricksy block has got 'gissago' written all over it.

    Labyrinth 4D

    Labyrinth 4D Cube comes with instructions and presentation box.

    If Labyrinth 4D looks vaguely familiar it's probably because you've seen its smaller sibling (Labyrinth) amongst our IQ Collection of puzzles. And if you've tried solving that fiendish little 2D devil, imagine what this six-sided brain mangler is like. In fact, don't imagine it... hit buy and find out for yourself. Aargh!!

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