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Vinyl, meet your future

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    Start converting now!

    We all love our old vinyl, but it's a drag to slap on a disc, turn it over after twenty minutes like a grilled kipper, then take it off again. What you need is a way to get your vinyl tunes on to a CD without the fuss of downloading it through a computer. Step up, the LP 2 CD: a one-stop-shop for popping your 33, 45 and 78 rpm records direct to compact disc, with zero bother. And because it doesn't need to run through a computer, you can hook it up to a pair of speakers to use like a regular stereo for records and compact discs.


    Play your LP

    Press Record to store music

    Put in a blank CD-R

    Select the songs and hit Burn CD!

    With previous inventions, you've had to play your vinyl down a USB port into a computer before you can then burn it on to a CD. The LP 2 CD cuts out the middleman by incorporating a flash memory and CD burner, so you never need to connect to a PC or Mac at all; it's all right in one place with no cables for the mice to nibble through.


    Party like it's 1989! LP 2 CD plays both vinyl and CD through your speakers

    Getting your tunes digitised is a doddle. Just whack your old vinyl platters on to the turntable, start playing the record and press the record button on the control panel. Your grooves will be automatically transformed into digital sound files as they play and stored on an inbuilt flash memory that can handle up to 80 minutes of music at once. A nifty track recognition mode senses the gaps between songs and splits the track listing up for you so you don't end up with one long recording.


    Easy to use buttons

    Once the LP 2 CD has your tracks inside its digital brain, you can listen back to make sure they're exactly the ones you like, and even discard any you don't want - let's face it, Yellow Submarine never did The Beatles' Revolver any favours.


    The LCD screen makes it a doddle to operate

    When you're happy with the final edit, slap a CD in the tray and burn your new recording. If you're the finicky type who wants to tinker a little bit more, there's more: the LP 2 CD cleverly doesn't do away with a USB cable entirely, so you can use one to transfer the recordings on to a computer if you want to add track names, notes and put the whole thing on to iTunes. There's even a smart piece of editing software included for you to iron out clicks and crackles.


    Connects to speakers via Line in/Line out and to your computer via USB

    The whole package comes in a solid metal casing, with a high-quality belt-drive, premium tone arm and cartridge. Once this is up and running, you might be tempted to bin your old stereo completely and just run this through a pair of speakers. Your vinyl needs you to get this now. Or it's going to run off with a dinghy and you'll never hear your old tunes again!

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