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LEGO Travel Games

Brick it every time you travel

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    LEGO Travel Games

    Big bad wolfie is on your tail

    We’ve gone LEGO nuts of late. In fact there really is no escaping the brilliantly blocky stuff, especially now that you can play on the move thanks to LEGO Travel Games. Take a biscuit tin full of blocks on long journeys? Not any more!

    These supremely portable little games can be built, played, rebuilt, played and so on and so forth. You’ll even need to construct the special LEGO dice. Better still, each game is as unpredictable as it is entertaining because the rules are changeable. You’ll be bricking it every time you travel – in a good way.

    There are currently two stupendously engrossing, hour-crunching LEGO Travel Games to choose from:

    Dig the name? Then you’ll love the game because Shave-a-Sheep sees 2-4 players battling to see who can shear the most wool (okay, white Lego bricks) from their sheep whilst avoiding wool rustlers and the big bad wolf. Fast, furious and totally unpredictable!

    Shave-a-Sheep: Packaging Shave-a-Sheep: Playing pieces Shave-a-Sheep: Dice


    LEGO playing pieces

    LEGO dice

    Magma Monsters
    It’s getting hot in here so hurry up and become the first player to build a path over a stream of molten lava. You can then battle the monster, take home the golden treasure and slow down opponents with a nifty bat attack or wall of fire. Seriously compelling, this game of strategy and luck will have 2-4 players gripped till journey’s end.

    Magma Monsters: Packaging Magma Monsters: Playing pieces Magma Monsters: Dice


    Lego playing pieces

    Lego dice

    As well as all the buildable bits and bobs, LEGO Travel Games come with full instructions and rules. So what are you waiting for? Construction (and fun) ahead!

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