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LEGO Technic Bucket Truck
  • LEGO Technic Bucket Truck

LEGO Technic Bucket Truck

Build me up, Bucket Truck

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    Close up of cogs

    Technical parts!

    Better known here in the UK as a Cherry Picker or Elevated Platform truck the LEGO Technic Bucket Truck is the kind of vehicle usually used to rig up your local Christmas lights, or work on overhead lines. And very clever vehicles they are too.

    Just like its real life counterpart, the Bucket Truck has a set of gears to raise and rotate the platform on the back. Two further gears let you deploy the outriggers at the side of the vehicle to keep it stable when the platform is fully extended; and a large gear knob on the rear even lets you steer it. Thanks to all of these functions – not to mention a nifty looking design – this ingenious set is as much fun to play with as it is to assemble.

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