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LEGO Super Heroes The Joker
  • LEGO Super Heroes The Joker

LEGO Super Heroes The Joker

I’ve created a monster!

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    The Joker

    Batman's arch enemy

    Start practicing your evil cackle. LEGO Super Heroes The Joker is coming to terrorise a toy box near you. Armed with an impressive hand cannon and powered-up suit, this 18cm LEGO action figure makes an impressive addition to your collection.

    Follow the step-by-step instructions to build this colourful character or go rogue and build your own unique super villain. The flexible building system allows your imagination to run riot – like the Clown Prince of Crime himself.

    Combine LEGO Super Heroes The Joker with other kits in the range, including LEGO Super Heroes Batman, and you can build even larger characters. Well, it’s often been said they complete each other.

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