LEGO Storage Heads
  • LEGO Storage Heads

LEGO Storage Heads

Boxing clever? Use your head!

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    LEGO Storage Heads

    Keep your toys inside a... toy!

    Remember when you used to keep all your toys, mags and stationery in big biscuit tins, Tupperware crates and old banana boxes? What’s that? You still do? Then you need to get stacking with a few LEGO Storage Heads.

    Officially licensed by our brick-stacking buddies in Denmark, these colourful storage solutions are shaped just like the heads of happy Lego folk. And as you would hope a LEGO product to do, they can connect to each other and stacked to create giant LEGO totem-poles. They’re perfect for bedrooms, studies, funky boardrooms and anywhere else that needs de-cluttering.

    LEGO Storage Boxes on a shelf

    L-R: Small (red), Small Head, Medium (green), Large (blue) and Large Head

    LEGO Storage Heads

    Hold it infront of you for a great profile picture!

    There’s even a range of LEGO Storage Bricks in which to store your bits and bobs. Kids, toy freaks, failed architects, trendy ‘meeja’ types and CEOs with a sense of humour will love ‘em. You can even use them to store regular LEGO bits. Don’t be a blockhead, get ordering!

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