LEGO Star Wars TIE Defender
  • LEGO Star Wars TIE Defender

LEGO Star Wars TIE Defender

Battle stations!

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    LEGO Star Wars TIE Defender

    Awesome rotating cockpit

    Have you ever noticed how the Empire has a habit of getting whupped? Strange eh, because their starfighters look pretty fearsome, none more so than the TIE Defender. So why not put things right and kick some Rebel butt with this 304 piece LEGO version of the scariest interceptor in the galaxy.

    Never before available in LEGO form, this unique triple-winged fighter blasts into battle with 6 flick-launching missiles and an opening cockpit that rotates when the spacecraft turns. You even get a stormtrooper minifigure and TIE fighter pilot equipped with an all-new helmet. Impressive, most impressive.

    LEGO Star Wars TIE Defender

    Stormtrooper and TIE fighter pilot

    The awesome LEGO Star Wars TIE Defender is just as cool as the one you don’t remember from the movies. But that’s not because your powers are weak, it’s because it was created for the Star Wars: TIE Fighter video game back in 1994. Obscure? Even Lord Vader would have trouble identifying this, ‘the Empire’s silent nod of respect to the Rebellion's starfighter forces’. Battle stations!

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