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LEGO Star Wars T-Shirts
  • LEGO Star Wars T-Shirts

LEGO Star Wars T-Shirts

Block-busting attire

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    LEGO Star Wars T-Shirts
    On the face of it LEGO and Star Wars go together like liver and custard. Plastic blocks and sci-fi epics? No way! But you can't argue with success (unless it's Westlife's inexplicable success) and these two genre-defining brands are now intrinsically linked. So why not celebrate this bizarre but brilliant union with a LEGO Star Wars T-Shirt.

    Officially licensed by Lucasfilm, each high quality 100% cotton tee is emblazoned with an iconic Star Wars character given the LEGO treatment. You won't know whether to pull out your lightsaber or construct a cubist Death Star. There's even a suitably smart quote underneath:

    LEGO Star Wars T-Shirts

    Storm Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Darth Vader, Han Solo

    'Don't get blocky' might have been more appropriate given the LEGO angle, but we're nitpicking because whatever LEGO Star Wars T-Shirt you choose, you can be sure it will attract admiring glances from sci-fi fans and plastic building block buffs alike.

    After all, as well as sporting a cool bit of clobber, you'll be paying sartorial tribute to the most unlikely galactic partnership since Arnold off Diff'rent Strokes appeared in Buck Rogers.

    Wearing a T-shirt depicting these titans of popular culture is enough to make you LEGO of your hate and dream up a few mish-mashed quotes. We tried but our failure was complete. If you can think of any good ones, let us know. In the meantime we strongly suggest you forget about the force for a few par secs and hit the Buy button. These are the shirts you're looking for.
    LEGO Star Wars T-Shirts

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