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LEGO Star Wars Battle of Naboo
  • LEGO Star Wars Battle of Naboo

LEGO Star Wars Battle of Naboo

Deploy the battle droids!

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    Going into battle

    Drive the carrier into battle

    Say what you like about The Phantom Menace, but its climactic battles scenes were pretty epic – and now you can recreate them in all their droid-packed glory with this fantastic 241 piece LEGO Star Wars Battle of Naboo playset.

    Battle Droids are ready for battle

    8 battle droids are ready for battle

    Featuring a highly detailed Trade Federation troop carrier with movable controls, and twelve minifigures including Jar Jar Binks, a Gungan soldier with all-new transparent energy shield, a pair of droid pilots and eight unfolding battle droids armed with blasters, this is one of the finest LEGO Star Wars mash ups we’ve ever seen. You can even go the whole hog and put on a ridiculous Jar Jar-style accent every time you conduct battle.

    Talking of battles, if you want to carry out real humdingers why not buy several sets and build an entire army of Gungan-crushing droids. Jar Jar who?

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