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Shake your head

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    LEGO Sort & Store

    That's a big head!

    Much like queuing for a rollercoaster or hiking up a sledging hill; most of your time playing with LEGO is actually spent searching for the bits you need. In other words; doing the longwinded, boring bit. Well not anymore.

    The LEGO Sort & Store is a great place to keep your mountains of LEGO bits when you’re not using them. But more than this, it’ll sort up to 1000 bricks into three sections according to their size.

    Just scoop up your LEGO, tip it into the oversized head and give it a shake. The small and medium-sized bits will filter down into the second and third layers, leaving the big blocks behind.

    LEGO Sort & Store

    The LEGO Sort & Store will filter the large, medium and small pieces into their own sections!

    So no longer will you have to sift through mountains of blocks for a tiny component. Just lift off the large and medium sized sections and all of your small parts will be in one place.

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