LEGO Radio Alarm Clock
  • LEGO Radio Alarm Clock

LEGO Radio Alarm Clock

Wake up next to a right square

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    LEGO Radio Alarm Clock

    10x bigger than regular LEGO!

    Waking up sucks. LEGO doesn’t. With these seemingly unrelated facts firmly in mind, some bright spark has only gone and created an alarm clock/radio shaped like a walloping great LEGO brick. It’s madness, you hear, madness!

    Thing is it’s also rather brilliant because the officially licensed LEGO Radio Alarm Clock is guaranteed to brighten up your day the second you clap eyes on its iconic, instantly recognisable shape. Waking up next to a complete square has never been such fun.
    LEGO Radio Alarm Clock

    Back-lit display

    Ideal for lazy LEGO lovers and anyone who fancies bricking it (stylistically, not literally) before breakfast, this quirky waker-upper is ten times the size of a regular LEGO block, so there’s no missing it on the bedside table. Actually there’s no missing it period, because its instantly recognisable circular ‘studs’ function as oversized volume/tuner knobs. Fiddly controls? Not at 7am, please.

    LEGO Radio Alarm Clock

    Tune the radio

    Mains or battery powered, the LEGO Radio Alarm Clock is rammed with handy features: as well as an AM/FM radio it boasts an adjustable backlit display, 12/24 hour clock and an alarm function that wakes you up via buzzer or your fave radio station. If you’ve had a particularly taxing night building blocky Viking longboats, fire stations and comedy interpretations of the Eiffel Tower, you can even wallop the volume dial because it doubles up as a snooze button.
    LEGO Radio Alarm Clock

    If you are looking for a stylish bedside/desktop alarm clock with a difference, or even one that could easily fool you into thinking your hands have shrunk following a particularly heavy night out, the LEGO Radio Alarm Clock is just the ticket. So don’t be a blockhead, get ordering!

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