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LEGO Ninjago Spinners
  • LEGO Ninjago Spinners

LEGO Ninjago Spinners

A ninja-esque spin on LEGO

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    Each set comes with 5 battle cards

    Collect and use the battle cards

    Imagine a fantasy LEGO universe where ultra-cool ninjas battle it out with skeleton warriors using swords, sticks, scythes and even bones. Imagine no more because LEGO Ninjago Spinners are here and they’re the coolest thing to happen to LEGO since George Lucas signed on the dotted line.

    When you’re not admiring these fabulously surreal characters or immersing yourself in the epic Ninjago storyline, the idea is to place the minifigures on their matching LEGO spinners and spin them like tops in ‘Spinjitzu’ tournaments, tabletop ding-dongs of good versus evil.

    Each figure has a different weapon and different abilities, which you can read about on accompanying character cards. You can even influence the outcome using the included battle cards. Hi-yaa!

    Spinjitzu Starter Set:
    Spinjitzu Starter Set

    The Spinjitzu Starter Set includes everything you need to start and two minifigures: Frakjaw (Skeleton) and Jay (Ninja)

    If you are new to this exciting world of wacky warriors, the Spinjitzu Starter Set is just the ticket as it includes a LEGO Spinjitzu arena, two spinner characters (Jay, the Master of Lightning, and Frakjaw, the toughest warrior in the Skeleton Army), six weapons. two character cards and eight battle cards. Dizzying face-offs have never been such fun!

    Spinner Minifigures:
    The four characters available seperately

    There are four minifigures available seperately (from left to right): Bonezai, Krazi, Kai and Cole

    If you want to add to your collection or just dip your toe into the world of Ninjago, you can buy Spinner Minifigures separately. Each one comes with four colourful battle cards and four weapons. Choose from Spinjitzu Masters Cole and Kai or Skeleton Army warriors Bonezai and Krazi. With more characters on the way you’ll soon be conducting full on Spinjitzu wars.

    Make no bones about it, Ninjago is going to be massive. But we would say that because everyone here at Firebox is totally enthralled. Now if you’ll excuse us we’re off to the Spinjitzu arena to kick some bony butt. Let battle commence!

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