LEGO Ninjago Playsets
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LEGO Ninjago Playsets

This is war, Ninjago style!

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    The Dragon fires the ice ball from his mouth

    Dragon really spits Ice Balls

    Ninjago is the all-new LEGO universe where ninja do battle with evil skeleton warriors in an epic tale of good versus evil. But why fight it out with mere minifigures when you can get ugly with these awesome LEGO Ninjago Playsets? Kids, it’s time to kick blocky butt!

    First up, prepare to sock it to the Skeleton Army as you spit iceballs and fly into the underworld on the 158 piece Ice Dragon. This fully posable bird-like contraption comes with two minifigures (Zane and Krazi) and two weapons.

    minifigures minifigures

    Krazi and Zane from the Ice Dragon set

    Jay, Cole and Frakjaw are included in the Turbo Shredder set

    Turbo Shredder has snapping jaws as you drive

    Turbo Shredder is highly detailed

    Next, get ready to eat ninja and grab the golden scythe with the awesome 223 piece Turbo Shredder. This hellishly cool vehicle features rotating caterpillar tracks, exhaust flames and snapping jaws. Gulp! Comes with two ninja minifigures (Jay and Cole) and one bony baddie (Frakjaw).

    Ninjago playsets are perfect for wannabe heroes (and villains) keen to dive into the Ninjago story. So what are you waiting for? The battle is on, demand is high and stock is low. Get ordering!

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