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    Series 3

    Which one will you get?

    LEGO Minifigures are fast becoming as popular as the building blocks upon which they are based. And that’s hardly surprising when you check out the increasingly cool cast of characters in each series. So why not get collecting with these seriously sought-after ‘mystery’ bags.

    Each sealed bag is unmarked so you never know which Minifigure you’re going to get. For Series 3 the LEGO gang have drawn inspiration from movies, sports and history, which means you could get a Samurai Warrior, Space Villain, Fisherman or even a Scooby-doo-style Mummy. Who knows what’s next?

    Series 3 - all minifigures

    All 16 Characters available in series 3

    Each figure comes with its own accessories, display stand and collector’s leaflet showing the entire series in detail. You won’t know whether to stick yours in a safe, play with it or display it alongside your other geeky knick knacks. But that’s assuming you get any in the first place because stock is severely limited. So stop pondering the fact Gorillasuit Guy has a giant banana and get ordering.

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