LEGO Insulated Lunch Bag
  • LEGO Insulated Lunch Bag

LEGO Insulated Lunch Bag

Lunch on the brain?

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    Insulated and has a comfy handle!

    Nothing says lunch like a severed head. Especially if it’s stuffed with sandwiches. Oh alright, that may not always be true. But in the case of the LEGO Insulated Lunch Bag it certainly is.

    Armed with this iconic LEGO noggin you’ll be the coolest kid in your class (or office). And not just because of the iconic LEGO face. A thermal layer inside this soft nylon lunchbox keeps the heat out and the cold in, so your sandwich and carton of juice will stay lovely and chilled until lunchtime. Unzip it and you’ll also find a mesh pocket for storing smaller bits and pieces; and even a secret compartment for your valuables/sweets. Now that is cool...

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