LEGO Friends Olivia's House
  • LEGO Friends Olivia's House

LEGO Friends Olivia's House

Grand designs on your dolls’ house

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    Tired of your old two-up two-down? Well, we can’t blame you – that style is a bit old-fashioned. And the wallpaper? Ghastly! We’re talking of course, about dolls’ houses. And once you’ve seen LEGO Friends Olivia's House, you won’t want to hold your tea parties anywhere else.


    Includes lots of accessories

    scene in room

    Olivia's House is the place to be

    reverse of the house

    Build the house however you want it

    In classic LEGO style this colourful play set can be constructed in countless different ways, giving you all sorts of opportunities to redesign, remodel, redecorate... even relocate! And of course, for every new house you create, you need a housewarming party! Invite your friends to call in and say hello to Mum (Anna), Dad (Peter), Olivia and the cat (Kitty).

    The set features a bathroom, bedroom, living room, barbecue, rooftop patio and outdoor table for when the weather’s nice. With a host of accessories and activities at your disposal from cooking to gardening, there’s plenty to keep you (and your friends) entertained for hours. Come on in!

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