LEGO Darth Vader Keylight
  • LEGO Darth Vader Keylight

LEGO Darth Vader Keylight

Stay away from the dark side

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    Close up of the LED in the leg

    LED lights in each leg, handy!

    He might have strayed over to the side of hate, anger and suffering; but that doesn’t stop Darth Vader from tripping the light fantastic every once in a while – as you can see with the LEGO Darth Vader Keylight. Built into his blocky black boots are two very handy LED lights.

    Ideal for carrying on your keys, or clipping to your backpack, this fully poseable LEGO minifig comes in really handy. Just press his chest plate to switch on both lights. You can even point his legs in different directions to illuminate two areas at once. Impressive...

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