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LEGO City Torches
  • LEGO City Torches

LEGO City Torches

Brightening more than just your toy box

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    push button operation

    Operate the torch using the LEGO button on the characters front

    Unless they are being used to illuminate Yvette Fielding’s faux petrified face in old episodes of Most Haunted, torches can be pretty boring. That’s why we're always on the lookout for forehead-slappingly original flashlights. And here’s a trio of humdingers in the whimsical yet manly shapes of LEGO City Torches.

    Following on from the spectacular success of our LEGO Lights Keychain Torch, these full-on 19cm versions are set to capture the imagination of darkness-hating LEGO fans across the globe. Officially licensed by our brick-stacking buddies in Denmark, these posable characters make ideal desktop companions/cellar door guardians.

    all 3 of the characters



    Construction Worker

    When things need illuminating simply press the logo on their chest and marvel as their LED-loaded feet shine a brilliant beam across fuse boxes, discarded LEGO bricks and whatever else you happen to be scrabbling around for. Best of all, because most LEGO men are titchy, you can pretend your hands have shrunk every time you need a torch. Brilliant.

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